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TOP 40 Traders, spoilt with a fantastic day out, FLYING HIGH, with FX Varsity PTY (LTD)


Hello FX Varsity Team

Thank you for the Training and superb Support!  I am exceedingly pleased with the possibilities the course has opened up for me as an individual, and will return later next year in full force. I wish your Team a Merry Christmas blessed with All the Luck, Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Harmony AND Success you deserve!  – Anton du Plooy

Forex Varsity Pty (Ltd)2/3/4 December 2016Vusi Mchunu

Just completed my 3 day course here at the Forex varsity in Sandton, Johannesburg!!
What an incredibly informative 3 days it has been. I found the course and the instructing traders very helpful and patient as they steer you through all basics and very effective trading strategies to help you on your feet. I have been very interested in forex trading for a couple months now and I am so happy I have finally taken the course and I look forward to my first steps to financial freedom!!
A huge thank you to Garth for putting the course together and making it happen!!!
I would highly recommend anyone to get in contact and strongly consider forex varsity. – Charlton Prins



After much deliberation, this weekend I joined and completed FXVarsity’s 3 day professional trading course in Cape Town. Like most, I was skeptical as many forex trading platforms and training programs market the fast cars, fancy houses and “get rich quick schemes” associated with trading.

This, however, was not the case with the FX team. The mentor placed an emphasis on strong technical analysis and leaving your emotions at the door. Ultimately the course was 3 days of intense training that catered for every level of experience. The trading rooms were professional and above all the team was approachable, patient and knowledgeable. I’m no Forex pro YET, but I’m confident that through their mentorship program I will have the opportunity to develop a successful career in trading. Skeptic no more, thanks guys!  – Marcus Rodrigues


Marcello 2

Words fail to describe the absolute ease with which your Traders conducted the training, they effortlessly turned the daunting arena of the forex markets into manageable chunks. I can’t wait to start the mentoring programme this week and looking forward to making  Millions of pips! I WILL recommend Forex Varsity to all my family, friends and colleagues. May you grow from strength to strength! Marcello Stevens



Fantastic Course. 3 days has taught me so much. Can’t wait for the mentoring. Your Trader is a great teacher and explains everything so that it is easy to understand with practical examples. I love the probability trading techniques. These guys really know their stuff . I can’t wait to start trading and learn more . Will definitely visit the school again as much as I can. It was worth every cent .
Thank you for such an informative course. Well done FX Varsity ! Professor Frank Manson


The reason for the email:  As you know when we spoke I have been trading multiple vehicles across the Globe…  Shares, ETF’s, Futures,  Commodities, and advanced Option strategies.  As you know I wanted to move over into the Forex Market, due to flexibility and liquidity that it offers. I found your site online, and spoke with you directly before signing up.  As with all new ventures I embark upon, there was an element of skepticism as to whether your company could deliver what indeed you promised you would.

I would at this point like to Thank yourself and your team for an outstanding services offered,  you’re in house team has always helped efficiently when I had a back office query,  and always been most patient and professional. I would like to make a special Mention your Trader/Trainer,  whatever you are paying him,  he is worth it…  What a clever clever chap he is, Not only that, whenever there has been an issue I have faced,  he has had patience and handled my query with utmost professionalism. I am Very satisfied with the service FX Varsity has given me.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your organization to anyone looking to move into the difficult world of Forex. – Mark Moresby-White


Hi guys, what an awesome 3 days spent at FX Varsity, a Brilliant well presented, highly recommended course. Trader, sir, my man! what a top notch Instructor, this guy really motivates you to believe in yourself, that you can do this! This guy knows his stuff hey, No Fibs… Had loads of fun, No BULLS*** but more importantly learnt alot in this 3 days and with FXvarsity, plus BEAR in mind there’s lots more to learn on the mentorship programme. Also the Tuesday eve mentorship, wow she’s just on another level!!! super cool, calm and collected. She takes the complicated forex jargon out and replaces with fun easy to understand analogies. Teams in the White Jersey (bulls) vs the Black Jersey (bears) and fighting for control in going up or going down etc..

I know I’m good hands with these guys!!! I’m super excited to get going and start my journey on a road to financial freedom, once again to Forex Varsity, Thank you!!! You guys Rock!!! – Grant Lee Alexander


C Bolton

What an amazing 3 days this past weekend, thanks to our Trader for an incredible course (the guy is a FOREX prodigy) the structure was great.  Teaching us a ton of stuff he explained everything into great detail, giving us a wealth of knowledge and also giving us the confidence in ourselves that we can do this. Really glad I took the course definitely saved me a lot of money and time.The price you paying for the course is definitely worth the weight in gold and just because you are done with the course doesn’t mean you are on your own they mentor you through your trading which has been great . Just remember stick to the RULES. You’ll know what I mean when you take the course (wink emoticon). Thanks again to the Forex Varsity team and especially to your Trader for answering all of our questions and for all the knowledge.  – Clinton Bolton (Professional Athlete and Extreme Sportsman)


A nel

Very well-structured 3 day course that is highly recommended if you want to get into trading in no time. Thanks to your Trader for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! You have managed to transform and present something as complex as forex into an easy to understand format. Well done! Abrie Nel


I have traded shares since the age of 16 but lost interest over the years in it. I focused on the traditional path, completing my law degree, opening up a law firm and generally expanding business knowledge. During 2014, I began to seriously look at the Forex market as a viable alternative to the “rat race”. I am by no means a risk taker, and always am cautious and fully investigate all options before embarking on a course. This is how I handle my Client’s legal matters as well to great success. I did my homework, contacted Forex Varsity and met with them, as I believed that if I were to make any success of trading what is generally considered a risky investment, I would need to learn the nature of the Forex market and the trading styles of professional Forex traders. What I now realise is that if taught properly, and with a cautious approach that the general sentiment of the Forex market is not correct. The three day course offered by Forex Varsity should be anyone’s starting point but the weekly mentorship that lasts 18 months after the course, is the valuable solution to any novice. This sets Forex Varsity apart from any other course that I investigated. The professional traders and trainers at Forex Varsity exceed all expectations and so does the support and constant advice after the course. I am not left to “sink or swim”. The advice itself is cautious advice and emphasis is placed on the technical aspects and fundamental aspects of the Forex market not from the point of view of the “herd” but in terms of how financial institutions trade. I can recommend Forex Varsity without a moments hesitation to anyone looking to enter the Forex market. I have joined a family, committed to my success, all of whom are direct and honest with me at every stage and go to great lengths to assist whenever I have a question: all to achieve my goals of earning a realistic profit on my investment. Forex, is now the highlight of my day. – Martin Verwey

R500 up on my first ever trade, on the FIRST DAY OF THE COURSE ! What a pleasure! Course content is concise & relevant. Monday morning, now looking for MORE winning trades ; ) Bradley Johnson
The course is amazingly informative, the staff are all friendly and helpful. I could not have asked for a better institution to teach me how to trade like a pro! I feel confident about all my trades after just 3 days? Need I say more? Hell no! Haha thanks to the Trainer for being such an informative mentor and Garth for raising such an outstanding level for other institutions to try  compete with. – Joshua Fourie
Thanks to Garth, and the FX Varsity team for a very informative 3 day course and a great introduction to trading forex! It was the perfect mix of theory and application, and I am looking forward to the mentor ship program to learn more from the team. I can recommend this course to anyone who is serious about trading Forex, and taking the step from being an good trader to BEING GREAT !!- Matthew Croudace
Thanks Garth very much, The Trainer did great job, REALLY enjoyed the course – Werner Friesenbichler
Awesome – Awesome – Awesome – You Guys Rock. I have attended several Forex courses but I can finally say I am at the right place. With the knowledge we received I can only look forward to become a Profitable Trader and on top of this, is the mentorship program – PRICELESS!    Frikkie Henning
Enjoyed the course tremendously. Lots to take in, but with the relaxed environment it makes so much easier. Will definitely RECOMEND IT TO EVERYONE ! Wish I could add another star to their rating – Peter Prince
It is Monday, my first day after my Forex Varsity course and I have my first three positions open!!! Best of all,  was that I spotted the same positions everybody else opened up! Do not miss the mentorship and if you can, come Trade live with the team! Federico Stroppiana
These guys go through GREAT effort to help you understand the Forex Trading Business with an approach that keeps the risks to a bare minimum. The Forex Varsity tools also makes trading easier. I believe this must be everyone’s number one Forex trading choice! Thanks to the Forex Varsity team! Deon Fermor
FX Varsity is the right place to learn about Forex and be a great Trader, I am loving my time here and looking forward for the mentoring sessions and then start earning some pips. Jimmy Joseph Banza


Hi Forex Varsity, Thank you Garth and your team for a truly awesome training weekend. The information was mind blowing, yet the pace was such that all were on the same page, or should I say, the same trade. I am so much better equipped now with tools and knowledge to make a successful transition into financial freedom. Thank you for helping me to realize my dreams . Brent


All I can say is Wow! I did the course over weekend. Chris is an awesome teacher with the abilility to simplify things in a manner one can really understand. I’m really shocked at the amount of information I’ve absorbed, as I truely believed its impossible (a weekend is WAY to short) I’ve got to admit, I was wrong. Thx for your patience, Chris. People at the office are so friendly. I’ve attended my first mentorship class and it was way more then what I’ve expected. Keep up the good work guys. Your an awesome team guys, thanks once again. – Sandra McKreiling


Thank you Chris and the FX Varsity team for making it possible to attend this course. The Thursday night before my course I thought to myself this is a big expense, but on Sunday afternoon after the full weekend of the course it felt like the best “investment” I have ever made. Well worth the time and money. I would strongly recommend to anyone. Also a big thanks to the help and support after the course. Looking forward to learning and earning much more. – Stephan Snyman


I have been trading for 2 years on and of until i came across Fx Varsity

I am so glad i did the course Chris the Lecturer was amazing in teaching me the signals and all the signs to look out for when want to do a trade

He was patient with each and every person in the class and when i struggled he came and explained it to me personnally and will only go on when everybody understood it fully

I have made a lot of investments in my life but this course with Fx varsity is the best investment i made in my life till so far

I would recommend Fx varsity for every person thinking of trading or making a career change

Thank You FX Varsity for giving me a new future to look forward – Roelf van Niekerk


I did the 3 day course in july and I must say that FXVARSITY is a life changing tool, its an awesome training institute with excellent mentors. I truly enjoyed the course, very educational and full of helpful traders that are there to hold your hand and walk with you to ensure that you get to your dreams and wake up everyday with a smile on your face.. thank you Forex Varsity – Force Hatakei


A great course and well worth the weekend! Many thanks Chris for all your patience and knowledge you shared with us. I would definitely recommend FX Varsity to anyone. My only small gripe – for the cost of the course, I’m sure you can throw in lunch on days 2 and 3! Maybe when your full time Durban office is up and running? Look forward to the next 18 months of mentoring – Dwayne Baker


I’ve just completed a course this past weekend thanks to Chris and your team you have illustrated and firmly demonstrated the true essence and characteristics of leadership,I would recommend anyone who want to learn from the best to Forex Varsity.
Thanks again guys!! –Vuyolwethu Ndoda


What a great course it is,,already on the second day of the course I was confident about my trades and couldn’t wait for Monday for the stock market to open,big thanks to the fxvarsity team and a special thanks to Chris(KING OF TRADES).looking forward to the Wednesday classes. – Tumelo Morobi


What an awesome course, learned a lot and are still learning, but making money.

Thank you Forex Varsity!!!

You are legends – Jan Visagie

Adri pic“Forex Varsity is the best. I went on the course over the weekend and enjoyed it very much. Monday I started to trade live and the money is already rolling in.” (Over R30 000 profit made in Adri’s first week of trading.)

Hennie pic“Great 3 day intense training sessions. Thank you Forex Varsity for opening new doors!”

Nina Bergoff“I loved the course at FX Varsity and enjoying the mentoring. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. I love the vibe of the live mentoring sessions. I definitely recommend FX Varsity. Do the FX trading course and start earning those pips. “

Mickey Lu“Very helpful, patient and professional. THANK YOU!”

Japie Oosthuizen“FX Varsity is a great company to have on your side should you want to make use of the Forex Market as an extra/main stream income. The enthusiastic attitude of the staff is contagious. The continuous mentorship program is also vital for any successful forex venture.”

Gys pic“I was looking for some assistance with forex and finally found people that do take the words support and training serious. Great to be associated with FX Varsity!!!”

Fahiem Davids“Awesome Stuff!”

Chad Alexander“Loving this place, the team, the vibe… The overall experience of being here is both motivating and rewarding… Now I am just waiting for my first Million. WHICH DOES’NT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE BEING PART OF THIS TEAM.”

Martin Kotzee


I thought the course was GREAT … I did two forex courses previously and this course was in another league. Good information, solid strategy and excellent tutor (thanks Nic)!


Arno & Anel

Our last 3 days were spent at FX Varsity, I am not a big fan of school, or particularly getting up to go to ‘classes’. The classes itself were interesting and by the end of day 2 we both felt a bit brain dead! (Forget what you think you knew). By Sunday I wanted class to be finished so that Tuesday can come for the first Live Trade.

Although I am not fond of charts and financial stuff, Arno on the other hand has a passion for… these kind of things, even though I am not a fan, my curiosity has definitely been triggered and I am excited to become a Trader… if FX Varsity can make me this excited (on the first day) then there has to be something here.

As for Arno, if it wasn’t for him (and of course FX Varsity) I would have missed this part of life.

We are both excited to be a part of this and we are really excited to join on Tuesday nights to try and get us much experience and knowledge as we can while we can. I believe the next 18 months is going to be an experience and hopefully a life changing one at that.

Anél and Arno

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