Sponsorship Opportunity

We at FX Varsity are looking for either TEAMS/INDIVIDUALS who are simply passionate about their SPORT/HOBBY, who need/want Corporate Sponsorship.


Whether you are a passionate Underwater Jukskei TEAM, a Deep SCUBA Diver, Extreme Skateboarder, Rock Climber, Skydiver, Cyclist or TEAM, Kayaker

or simply a Nut- Case Adventurer….that wants to skydive the poles… We WANT to sponsor YOU!! Its makes us look good, and we make YOU look

great! It also REALLY fits in with our ethos, we are a little Nutsy, we are simply the Best, and we REALLY LOVE TO WIN! Just like you?

PLEASE do write a short synopsis and do include the following factors as a MUST:


1) Your Sport/Hobby.

2) Your level of achievement thus far,

3) Your estimated costs to sponsor (From a low of RX to a high of RXXX)

4) Pictures of YOU doing your chosen field (We MAY use them, so make sure they are NOT copyrighted)

5) What coverage you normally get and IF its for an upcoming event, what coverage WE WILL GET?

6) A short synopsis of “WHY should we Sponsor YOU/Your TEAM”?

Send this ALL of via e-mail with the Header: SPONSORSHIP to Lana soonest.

We will SELECT the Persons/Teams that we deem as best suited to our needs, and fit in with our current requirements. NO correspondence shall be entered into at all!!

All our Terms and Conditions apply. Participants MUST be prepared to be photographed and/or Filmed for commercial purposes, once Sponsorship Agreement is in place.


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